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Allison Rohn

Allison Rohn

Allison Rohn is our dedicated Paralegal who has been an integral part of The Law Offices of Justin Rickman since 2014. Her commitment to her role and the firm’s mission has made her a valuable asset in providing exceptional legal support to clients.

Allison’s journey with The Law Offices of Justin Rickman began in early 2014 when she joined the team. In her role as a Paralegal, she has consistently demonstrated her skills in managing case files, conducting legal research, and ensuring the efficient flow of legal processes. Her tenure speaks volumes about her dedication to her work and the firm’s objectives.

As a Paralegal at The Law Offices of Justin Rickman, Allison plays a crucial role in the firm’s daily operations. Her expertise and commitment contribute to the firm’s reputation for excellence in delivering legal services across various practice areas.

Throughout her tenure, Allison has acquired a wealth of knowledge and proficiency in diverse areas of law, including Family Law and Criminal Defense. Her multifaceted expertise enables her to contribute effectively to a wide range of legal matters. Clients and colleagues alike have come to rely on her for her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes.

Allison is a Florida native, who enjoys the Florida Sun. Allison is a mother of two beautiful girls and spends her free time spending quality time with them.

Clients seeking reliable legal support, Allison is a trusted professional ready to assist in navigating their legal matters with diligence and expertise.

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