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Helping You Deal With Battery Charges In Florida

In Florida, a violent crime is when someone purposely does bodily harm to another person. Battery is one of the most common types of violent crimes. At The Law Offices of Justin Rickman, we understand that these charges can have serious repercussions on your future. Our team has been aggressively defending the rights of the accused in Clermont and Lake County since 2004.

Strong Defense Against Serious Battery Charges

Battery is when someone makes intentional, unpermitted physical contact with someone else. If you are facing a violent crime charge, we take the time to look at all the facts of your case and find the defense that best suits your needs. Common defenses we use are:

  • You were defending yourself
  • You were acting in the defense of others
  • You were defending your private property
  • You were given consent to touch the other person

No matter the case, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive criminal defense. These charges can carry serious fines and jail time, so it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Our office has the experience necessary to provide excellent criminal defense against your charges.

People often confuse assault and battery; however, they are not the same charge in Florida. You can be charged with battery without committing assault. For example, walking up and hitting someone out of the blue is considered battery because the person hit did not know it was coming and did not allow it.

Charged with Battery? We Can Help.

Our goal is to provide you with a strong criminal defense against these serious charges. To set up a free initial consultation, give us a call today at 352-269-8652 or contact us online.