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Practicing Commercial And Residential Real Estate Law Including Contracts And Closings

In most people’s lives, few things are more thrilling than buying or selling real estate. Beyond the day you get married or experience the birth of your children, closing on a real estate transaction can be exciting – and scary. When you have a closing, you find out it is not just an exchange of money and keys.

With so much happening when you close on a property sale, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, these transactions can be overwhelming for both the buyer and the seller. Our legal team at the Law Offices of Justin Rickman can make sure everything is done correctly, and help you avoid future problems if you have a real estate closing in Clermont or anywhere in Florida. Contact us for help with:

  • Contract preparation
  • Real estate closings
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Private notes and mortgages
  • Deed conveyances
  • Short sales
  • Title searches
  • Title policies

Real Estate Transactions Can Be The Largest Investment Of Your Life

It might seem like a waste of money to hire a real estate attorney. Most people going through a closing depend on their realtor, the closing agent and the lender to make sure the paperwork is correct. However, all it takes is one small mistake to make the whole deal far more complicated, time consuming and costly than you anticipated. You might have to refile paperwork, pay more money to correct mistakes or deal with future lawsuits.

A lot happens at a closing. The closing will include:

1. Loan documents/closing instructions.

2. Affidavits/Bill of Sale/deeds signing and notarization.

3. Dispersal of funds. Fees and money must be paid to the seller; real estate agents, insurance companies, the inspection company; surveyors; and the lender.

4. Explanation of documents being signed. The closing agent should tell you if there are any changes in the contract before it is signed, money is transferred, and the closing happens.

About two weeks after the documents are signed, the deed and mortgage agreement will be recorded in the county where the property is located.

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