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Charged With A Violent Crime? Protect Your Constitutional Rights.

Violent crimes are those which are committed against a person with the intent of inflicting bodily injury, or crimes where such injury is actually inflicted. These crimes include assault and battery, homicide/murder, domestic violence, sexual assault or rape, and false imprisonment/kidnapping.

Examples Of Violent Crimes

Don’t hesitate to retain the services of an excellent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been arrested for any violent offense such as the following.

Assault And Battery

In some states, “assault and battery” is its own crime. In Florida, however, the crime of assault is different and separate from the crime of battery. Assault involves a threat of violence, while battery involves the unpermitted touching of another.

An assault can occur without a battery. For example, if a person points a gun at someone and tells them that he is going to shoot, then an assault occurred even though the person was never actually touched.

A battery can occur without an assault. For example, if a person walks up behind another person and sucker punches them in the back of the head, a battery occurred. In that case, an assault did not occur because the person never saw it coming and was never put in fear.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence laws are found in Title XLIII of the Florida statutes. The crime occurs when someone commits assault, battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, bullying, kidnapping or any other physically injurious offense against a family or household member. When accusations of domestic violence are made, police must conduct an investigation before making an arrest. Such an arrest can only be made if there are reasonable grounds to believe the individual is guilty of domestic violence.

False Imprisonment/Kidnapping

If you’ve been arrested for false imprisonment or kidnapping, you are facing serious criminal felony charges. False imprisonment refers to complete restriction of one’s liberty of movement without legal justification. Kidnapping is the taking and movement of a person against that person’s will without legal authority. An individual convicted of kidnapping can be sentenced to life in prison. Most false imprisonment arrests come from a domestic setting, and are usually coupled with a domestic battery or other battery or assault charge.

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