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Get A Strong Defense When Accused Of Drug Offenses

Florida criminal statutes establish many drug crimes as felonies. If convicted or found guilty of a drug crime, you can expect harsh fines, lengthy probation or possibly mandatory prison time. The Law Offices of Justin Rickman in Clermont, Florida, is ready to help protect your rights.

Drug Charges

Drug crimes are subject to detailed definition under Florida law. Any crime involving controlled or illegal substances is subject to harsh penalties. That is why the assistance of an attorney schooled in criminal drug defense is important. Some of the most typical drug charges in Clermont and throughout Florida are as follows:

Drug Possession

A drug possession charge involves any activity where someone is caught with illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, MDMA/Molly, meth, heroin or unlawfully obtained prescription pills in their possession. Possession may be established even if it is near your body, or if you have knowledge of the substance and have control over it. Drug possession is the most common drug charge filed.

Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing involves any activity connected with producing illegal drugs (including cultivation of marijuana at home). It can include growing drugs, synthesizing drugs with chemicals, or even packaging and labeling drugs.

Drug Trafficking

Contrary to popular belief, being charged with trafficking (transporting saleable quantities of drugs) doesn’t require fast boats, guns or kilograms of drugs. The amount of drugs required to establish a trafficking charge varies.

Drug Paraphernalia

It is illegal to use, possess, sell, transport, manufacture or advertise any item intended to be used in connection with illegal drug activity. Weighing scales, packaging materials and related tools may be classified on paraphernalia. The definition of drug paraphernalia extends far beyond those items connected with drug use. Items used in manufacturing or growing illegal drugs — such as heating elements and grow lights — may qualify, as well.

Drug Racketeering

Racketeering extends beyond actual commission of a drug crime. It may include making an attempt to commit a crime or coercing someone to commit a drug crime.

If you are charged with any form of a drug offense, contact an experienced drug crime lawyer at The Law Offices of Justin Rickman. Call 352-269-8652 today or contact us online.