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Legal Guidance For Real Estate Closings

In Florida, a real estate closing is a settlement and finalization of a real estate sales transaction. For residential real estate, a closing will usually involve the buyer signing things like home loan documents (i.e., mortgage, note, truth in lending disclosure, closing statement or HUD, etc.) to allow the seller to be paid the agreed upon sale price for the property. The seller can expect to pay for things like real estate commissions, prorated condo dues and ad valorem property taxes as well as any attorney’s or closing fees at the time of closing.

Closings are often held at the offices of a title company or real estate broker, or at a real estate lawyer’s office. The “closing date” will appear in the purchase and sale agreement (aka contract).

Once the transaction is complete, a few weeks will pass from the time that the buyer and seller sign the closing documents to the time that the warranty deed or quit claim deed and other legal documents are recorded at the county courthouse. They are returned to the buyer along with their title insurance policy.

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