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Lease Agreements: Drafting, Review And Negotiations

A residential lease means that someone, or many people live on the property. This is different that a commercial lease which is typically used for business purposes.

A residential lease can include:

  • A house
  • A duplex
  • A apartment complex
  • Any building where people live

If you are a landlord your property is your investment. If tenants or renters fail to pay rent or damage the property this can mean a dramatic loss of income for you. Strong lease and rental agreements can ensure taht the terms are clear and enforceable in a court of law.

Commercial leases clarify terms between business owners and owners of retail, office and industrial properties that those businesses occupy. An experienced Florida real estate attorney can help parties review, draft and negotiate terms such as use limitations, property cost liabilities and the time frame of the lease.

If you are in need of a lease agreement, or additional real estate legal services in Lake, Orange, Sumter, Osceola or Polk counties, contact an experienced real estate attorney at The Law Offices of Justin Rickman in Clermont, Florida. Call 352-269-8652, or contact us by email.