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Altercation between man, woman leads to domestic battery charge

During or after an altercation, it is not uncommon for someone to call the police. In some cases, if a physical altercation resulted in fear or injuries to another party, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. If the incident occurred at a home, between a couple or between relatives, it is possible for domestic violence charges to come about.

One man in Florida was recently taken into custody after an alleged incident between him and a woman. Apparently, the two had gotten into an argument, and the man allegedly struck the woman in the face. She suffered a bloody nose as a result. It was unclear what may have led to the argument or where the incident happened.

Woman arrested for drug violations in Florida

Traffic stops are a daily occurrence on most roadways. Officers can stop vehicles for various reasons, and while some of those stops could end with a warning or a ticket for speeding, some could have more serious outcomes. For example, if an officer suspects that there are controlled substances in a vehicle, charges for drug violations could occur.

One woman in Florida was recently taken into custody after such a scenario. Reports indicated that the 36-year-old woman was a passenger in an SUV when an officer stopped the vehicle for running a stop sign. After approaching the SUV, the officer allegedly saw drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. As a result, he asked both the driver and passenger to exit the vehicle.

Woman charged with DUI, loses job as result

When a person is accused of drinking and driving, he or she has a lot on the line. A DUI charge can have legal and personal effects that could greatly affect a person's life. For example, even before a conviction, an individual could lose his or her job if charged with this type of illegal activity.

It was recently reported that job loss was a negative outcome for one Florida woman after her recent arrest. According to reports, the woman was driving a vehicle when she veered in efforts to avoid crashing. However, this action resulted in her car ending up in the opposite lanes of travel and colliding with an oncoming vehicle. Those were apparently the only two vehicles involved in the incident.

Man charged with assault after driving into crowd

It can be difficult to know why people carry out certain actions. Information can differ from source to source, and often, only those who were directly involved can know what happened. Of course, even then the details can differ. As a result, it is typically vital for an individual accused of assault or another violent crime to provide his or her side of the situation.

One man in Florida may be hoping to provide his account after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the 27-year-old man was driving a vehicle and reportedly drove into a crowd. The crowd had gathered in the parking lot of a shopping center where a voter registration tent had been set up. Witnesses believed that the man intentionally targeted the group.

Can you get a DUI on a boat?

Lake County offers an abundance of beautiful scenic lakes with just as many fun water activities. Whether you’re a Florida resident or just visiting, boating is one of those popular activities that water enthusiasts partake in.

While boating, it isn’t unusual to relax and enjoy a few drinks with friends. However, your day out on the lake can take a turn for the worse if you operate a boat while intoxicated. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s illegal as well.

2 facing charges for drug violations after search

The way a person chooses to handle criminal charges can depend on a number of details. The exact allegations, the circumstances of the arrest, personal feelings of the accused and much more can go into finding a way to address allegations of drug violations. In order to make choices with which they feel comfortable, individuals may want to make sure they understand their ordeals as best as possible.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody in Florida on drug-related charges. A confidential informant working with police allegedly went to a home and purchased drugs from a woman living in the home. On one occasion, the woman was purportedly holding a baby when she sold methamphetamine to the informant. As a result, authorities obtained a search warrant and conducted a search of the residence.

Incident in Florida Wal-Mart draws national headlines

A state as large as Florida is bound to have some strange incidents from time to time, and, in some cases, these incidents draw national headlines. Unfortunately, many of these incidents also involve allegations of criminal conduct.

For example, a recent incident in Tampa made headlines. The reports indicate that a 37-year-old woman was arrested in a Wal-Mart under allegations that she had made a homemade explosive device in a glass jar while she was walking around the store with her son. Apparently, the woman had been walking through the store for approximately an hour while security guards observed her and, ultimately, determined that her conduct was "suspicious." When a security guard and an off-duty police officer approached the woman, it was reported that the woman was just about to light a candle that, it seems, was intended to ignite the homemade bomb.

Police officer charged with DUI suspended while case is pending

It is the job of police officers to enforce the laws in Florida. This means they are in charge of stopping people, conducting investigations, and then giving the evidence to prosecutors to charge people for the crimes they are suspected of committing. However, police officers are not above the law.

Recently an off-duty police officer found this out when he was arrested for a DUI. The officer was also charged with damage to property. The officer was arrested in the early morning hours on New Year's Day. The reports available at the time did not detail the conduct of the officer which led to the arrest, but the officer was put on paid administrative leave while the criminal case was pending and an internal investigation into the incident was being completed.

Assaults on older people can result in different punishments

Those who strike another individual may be charged with assault and battery. People convicted of this crime can be sentenced to jail time and other serious punishments. This is especially true when older individuals are victimized. As people grow older they can be injured more easily and do not recover as well. This causes them to be viewed as especially vulnerable under the law. For that reason, the punishments for those who are convicted of assaulting people over the age of 65 may be more serious.

Aggravated assaults and batteries on people over the age of 65 shall be penalized by a minimum jail sentence of three years, a fine of $10,000, restitution, and up to 500 hours of community service. Assault and battery on people over 65 has also reclassified. Aggravated batteries are first-degree felonies instead of second-degree. Aggravated assaults are moved to second-degree felonies. Battery has changed from a first-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony, and assault has moved from a second-degree misdemeanor to a first-degree misdemeanor.

Could I lose my medical license after a DUI?

Receiving a DUI charge can drastically affect anyone’s life. You might have to pay a large amount of fines, lose your driving privileges and face potential jail time. Additional penalties could severely impact your career if you happen to be a licensed medical professional.

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