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Can a boating DUI impact your right to drive?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Dui |

Little compares with the thrill of boating on a sunny day. The exhilaration makes consuming an adult beverage or two while cruising around tempting.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a couple of brews on the water. Despite this truth, imbibing invites trouble. Arrests for operating seafaring vessels while drunk have far-reaching consequences.

Will you lose your license if you receive a conviction for boating while drunk?

Boating under the influence is unlikely to threaten your driving privileges. Such an arrest will simply not show up on your driving record. Despite this, you could receive a fine of up to $1,000 plus time behind bars.

Each offense compounds the legal outcome. Convictions stemming from land- and water-based incidents hold equal weight. Sentencing enhancements go into effect regardless of where the second offense happens. It will subsequently be tougher to receive leniency or request favorable sentencing alternatives.

How likely is it to get caught boating while drunk?

Boating under the influence is a leading cause of seaside fatalities. Because of this, the Coast Guard is serious about prosecuting violators. This is especially true in Florida, where boating incidents are common. Thus, the odds of getting busted in the Sunshine State are comparatively high. Whatever the chances, it is never worth risking incarceration for a moment of freewheeling pleasure.

A boating DUI will probably not cause you to lose the right to drive a car. Even still, the legal punishments for boating while drunk are severe. Worse, the decision could result in injury or death.