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About Probation Violations, Penalties And Defense

Many Floridians depend on their parole or probation; it can be a life-changing opportunity to get back on your feet and avoid further disruptions that incarceration can cause to your life. But, probation comes with conditions, and an allegation of a probation violation can mean you return to prison for the rest of your sentence.

Parole and probation can come with many different requirements. You will likely need to fulfill at least some of the following terms:

  • Pay or stay current on relevant fines
  • Provide victim restitution, most commonly in the form of a fine or fee
  • Maintain steady employment
  • Submit to drug testing and treatment
  • Surrender any firearms or weapons you possess
  • Meet with your probation officer regularly.

Any violation of the terms of your release can mean going back to court for a hearing and possible reincarceration. It’s critical to hire a probation violation defense attorney if you’ve been arrested on a probation violation or been given notice to appear before a judge.

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