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Man flees crash, tries to hide drugs in fire station

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

On July 30, a Florida man was arrested after he allegedly fled the scene of a car accident carrying a backpack containing drugs and attempting to hide in a nearby fire station. The unusual incident is said to have occurred in Clearwater.

According to media outlets, the 24-year-old defendant was a passenger in a vehicle that became involved in a car crash. After the collision, he reportedly grabbed a backpack from the vehicle and ran toward a nearby building. He then allegedly tossed the bag in an alleyway and tried to hide inside the building, which turned out to be a fire station.

When police officers from the Clearwater Police Department arrived at the scene, firefighters told them that the defendant was attempting to hide in their station. In addition, witnesses showed them the backpack, which allegedly contained alprazolam, crack cocaine, codeine, marijuana and MDMA. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to a local jail for processing. He is being held on a $61,000 bond. Following the arrest, the police department took to Twitter to poke fun at the incident, saying that it’s “probably not a good idea” to try to hide drugs at a fire station.

Individuals facing drug charges might be able to help their situation by contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The attorney could offer invaluable advice and protect the defendant’s rights throughout the legal process. Legal counsel could also carefully review the evidence and work to develop a strong defense against the allegations. In some cases, the attorney’s efforts may cause the charges to be dropped. In others, they might be used as leverage to negotiate a plea deal that reduces the charges.