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Altercation between man, woman leads to domestic battery charge

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Assault And Battery |

During or after an altercation, it is not uncommon for someone to call the police. In some cases, if a physical altercation resulted in fear or injuries to another party, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. If the incident occurred at a home, between a couple or between relatives, it is possible for domestic violence charges to come about.

One man in Florida was recently taken into custody after an alleged incident between him and a woman. Apparently, the two had gotten into an argument, and the man allegedly struck the woman in the face. She suffered a bloody nose as a result. It was unclear what may have led to the argument or where the incident happened.

Authorities took the man into custody and conducted interviews with the woman and a purported witness. The man is currently facing a criminal charge for domestic battery. It was mentioned that the man is a sheriff’s deputy, but it is unclear how this incident could affect his employment. Additional information may be available at a later time.

This Florida man undoubtedly knows that charges for domestic battery could greatly affect his career and his life in general. He may want to start considering his defense options as soon as possible, and closely assessing the situation that led to his arrest may be beneficial. It may also be prudent to gain information about the charges, his possible defense avenues and what he is likely to face as his case moves through the criminal justice system.