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Mother and son arrested on drug charges after winning lottery

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Drug Violations |

The chances of winning the lottery in Florida are not very high. In order to win it people need to be lucky. However, as a mother and son found out, being lucky enough to win the lottery does not necessarily mean that people will be lucky in all parts of their lives.

According to recent reports, the mother and son had come back home after redeeming a lottery ticket for $20,000 when police arrived. They allegedly found the mother and son outside of the residence smoking. The police say that the mother was holding three bags of what appeared to be drugs. The substances were tested and allegedly tested positive for heroin and fentanyl. Another woman was also inside of the home and all three people were arrested. The third person was also arrested for a probation violation.

It is a very big change in fortunes for these individuals, but simply being charged with a drug crime does not mean that people will be convicted. There are potential defenses for people who are charged with drug crimes.

Many times, the defense strategy start with whether the police obtained the evidence in the correct way. Police must follow a number of laws when they are searching people and seizing items from them. If the police do not follow the laws, the evidence of the drugs could be “suppressed,” meaning that the prosecution cannot use the evidence of the drugs in a trial. This means that obtaining a conviction would be difficult and people could avoid convictions.

Being convicted of drug crimes in Florida can result in significant consequences. So, it is important that people who are charged with drug crimes explore all potential defenses available to them to attempt to avoid a conviction and the consequences of a conviction