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The different types of assault and battery charges

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Assault And Battery |

There are many different reasons that people get into arguments and there are many different ways that people resolve these disputes as well. They can resolve them civilly by talking through the issues, but sometimes people resort to other forms of dispute resolutions such as yelling at each other and in some instances they may even become physical. One or both people may physically harm the other.

When people decide to resolve disputes in this manner, one or both could be charged with assault and/or battery. Assaults are threats of physical violence and battery is actual physical harm. There are different types of both as well. Simple assault or battery are for lower level offenses and are misdemeanors. However, people can be charged with aggravated assault and battery when there are subsequent offenses or serious harm done with intent. These are felony level offenses and carry more significant penalties.

These offenses, even simple assault and battery, can have significant penalties which can have very significant effects on people’s lives if they are convicted. However, simply being charged with offenses does not mean that people are guilty. People could avoid these penalties if the charges are dismissed or the person is acquitted at trial. There are potential defenses available and ways to mitigate the damages a conviction can cause.

There are many reasons that arguments escalate and there are many people who are charged with assaults and/or battery in Florida. However, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is in fact guilty of the crime. These cases are very fact-specific, but depending on the facts, there could be many different defenses. Experienced attorneys understand these potential defenses and may be a helpful resource.