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Clermont Family Law Attorney: What To Do When A Spouse Unexpectedly Files For Divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Arguing, tension, rinse, repeat. It’s a scenario that plays out all too often for couples that find themselves merely co-existing in the same home and then it happens. Out of the blue, your significant other has decided to file for divorce and serve you with divorce papers. An honest self-evaluation will likely tell you that it wasn’t as out of the blue as you thought but it doesn’t make the hurt, shock or anger any less real. The reality usually is the divorce started a while ago but is made official when one or both spouses formally files for divorce. Divorce proceedings can take anywhere from a few months to years depending on the complexity of the family situation and quite frankly the animosity of the parties involved. So I’m sitting home in Clermont, Florida, divorce papers in hand; now what? When do I reach out to a Clermont Family Law attorney? The short answer is immediately so you can respond to the divorce petition.

There will be a lot to consider when selecting a Clermont, Florida based divorce attorney. The two questions most people will ask right away are: track record and attorney fees. Can my divorce attorney win my case and can I afford it are two important things to consider when selecting an attorney. Other things to consider are: attentiveness and availability. You are going to have a lot of questions, you want someone who is willing to take their time and answer them for you.

The second step to take is secure your finances. If you and your spouse kept separate accounts, limit access. If the account is joint it’s important to note that under Florida law, 50% of assets acquired during the marriage belong to the other spouse so secure your financial percentage in the event you are locked out of the account or it is emptied by the other party.

Lastly, keep a low profile. It may feel good to vent on social media about your spouse, but comments can always come back to bite you. Its best to take the high road.

Divorce proceedings can be a tough road filled with raw emotions and more questions than answers. That’s why selecting the right Clermont Family Law Attorney focusing on divorce is so important. Eventually “my spouse filed for divorce” will turn into “My divorce was just finalized,” and then hopefully turns into, “My ex and I are friendly, the kids are great, and life is good!”