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Planning Your Legacy And Expecting The Unexpected

Death or incapacity can occur at any time. Yet fewer than half of U.S. adults have an estate plan. They are hoping nothing happens, but putting off these important matters until “later” is a big gamble.

The Law Offices of Justin Rickman will help you plan the things you can control and make your wishes known to spare your loved ones from turmoil and hard decisions. We believe in educating our clients and working closely with them to customize their estate planning documents. Although the future is hidden, you can have peace of mind about it by being prepared.

Everyone Should Have An Estate Plan

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy or the elderly. We believe that all adults should have basic protections in place, and the time to plan is now while you still have your health and your mental faculties. We can put your goals and wishes in writing:

• A will – This declares your heirs and what part of your estate they should get. Without a last will and testament, the state of Florida would dictate how your assets are divided. A will can also designate pre-need guardianship for minor children, as well as direction regarding funeral rites and custody of your pets.

• Durable power of attorney – This document grants authority to someone to manage your finances and business and legal matters if you become incapacitated.

• Health care surrogate – This authorizes a family member to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate your wishes.

• Health care directive (living will) – This gives specific direction to doctors and your loved ones regarding heroic measures and end-of-life care, such as resuscitation/do not resuscitate and life support.

• Trusts – A trust holds assets outside of your estate for beneficial purposes such as avoiding probate, asset protection or providing for a family member with disabilities. We can customize different types of trusts to your asset base and estate planning goals.

If a loved one became incapacitated before designating powers of attorney or a health care proxy, we can help establish guardianship for their care.

Proper Planning Today Avoids Problems Later

Thoughtful estate planning makes your wishes known so that your family is not faced with the hassles, expense and difficult choices.

At The Law Offices of Justin Rickman, we deliver honest legal advice with compassion and attentive service to help you and your family prepare for whatever the future will bring. Call our Clermont law firm at 352-269-8652 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online.