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Woman charged with DUI, loses job as result

When a person is accused of drinking and driving, he or she has a lot on the line. A DUI charge can have legal and personal effects that could greatly affect a person's life. For example, even before a conviction, an individual could lose his or her job if charged with this type of illegal activity.

Police officer charged with DUI suspended while case is pending

It is the job of police officers to enforce the laws in Florida. This means they are in charge of stopping people, conducting investigations, and then giving the evidence to prosecutors to charge people for the crimes they are suspected of committing. However, police officers are not above the law.

Driver's license suspensions related to DUIs

When people drive in Florida, they agree to follow all the traffic laws. If they do not do so, then they could receive tickets, pay fines, and, for some violations, spend time in jail. One of these laws, of course, disallows individuals from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If an individual is charged with DUI and are ultimately convicted, then they could face the consequences mentioned above, including mandatory jail time depending on the circumstances and whether they have any prior DUIs.

People may lose their vehicles for a period of time after a DUI

Driving a vehicle in Florida is considered a privilege. In order to maintain that privilege drivers must abide by a number of different traffic laws and when they do not there are consequences. The severity of the consequences depends on the severity of the offense, but one type of offense that can lead to significant consequences is a DUI. Most people know that it is illegal to drink alcohol and drive and that it can be dangerous, but that does not stop all drivers and many people are charged with DUIs each year.

A second DUI conviction can have serious consequences

There are many dangers associated with drinking and driving, as our readers are aware. However, from time to time people may underestimate their intoxication levels or think they only have a short distance to drive. Even the most responsible people make mistakes. So, while the penalties for a first time DUI are significant, they are not as bad as if people do not learn from their mistakes and get a second DUI.

Potential consequences for a first time DUI

Many people consume alcohol in Florida for various reasons and for the most part it is perfectly fine to do it. This is true even if people have consumed too much to drink. However, when people are intoxicated some of the decisions that they make can have bad outcomes. This could be that they embarrassed themselves or said things they regret. Other times the decisions can be dangerous for both the person and people around them.

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