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Altercation between man, woman leads to domestic battery charge

During or after an altercation, it is not uncommon for someone to call the police. In some cases, if a physical altercation resulted in fear or injuries to another party, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. If the incident occurred at a home, between a couple or between relatives, it is possible for domestic violence charges to come about.

Man charged with assault after driving into crowd

It can be difficult to know why people carry out certain actions. Information can differ from source to source, and often, only those who were directly involved can know what happened. Of course, even then the details can differ. As a result, it is typically vital for an individual accused of assault or another violent crime to provide his or her side of the situation.

Assaults on older people can result in different punishments

Those who strike another individual may be charged with assault and battery. People convicted of this crime can be sentenced to jail time and other serious punishments. This is especially true when older individuals are victimized. As people grow older they can be injured more easily and do not recover as well. This causes them to be viewed as especially vulnerable under the law. For that reason, the punishments for those who are convicted of assaulting people over the age of 65 may be more serious.

When self-defense is a valid defense to assault charges

There are, unfortunately, people in Florida who resort to violence to solve their differences. There are others who use violence as a way to rob others or intimidate them for other reasons. Generally, when people do use violence against others, they could be charged with assault and battery. Being charged with assault and battery means that people could be facing serious consequences.

The different types of assault and battery charges

There are many different reasons that people get into arguments and there are many different ways that people resolve these disputes as well. They can resolve them civilly by talking through the issues, but sometimes people resort to other forms of dispute resolutions such as yelling at each other and in some instances they may even become physical. One or both people may physically harm the other.

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