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House fire sparks arrest of local woman

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Relationships can be hard and messy, and especially during these tumultuous times, maintaining a relationship has never been harder. And, as a result, when a relationship explodes, we may find ourselves doing things we would have never thought possible. This is what one local woman is being accused of by Lake County deputies.

The incident

According to Lake County deputies, the 35-year-old Clermont woman broke up with her boyfriend. Then, she allegedly set his curtains on fire in an attempt to burn down his East Highland Avenue home. The ex-boyfriend was able to stamp out the flames and no injuries were reported.

The arrest and charges

Nonetheless, deputies tracked the woman down to a nearby store to question her about the fire. Lake County deputies claim that she admitted to setting the curtain on fire, and as such, she was arrested and charged with arson. She is being held in Lake County jail on $10,000 bond.

The key takeaways

First and foremost, if one breaks up with their spouse, do not set their home on fire. Nothing good will come from that act. But, if one is arrested on allegations of any wrongdoing, do not “open up” to the police. The police are not there to help. They are there to arrest and take someone to jail.

Remain silent and ask for a Clermont, Florida. If they will not provide an attorney because one “is not under arrest,” then ask to leave. If they will not allow one to leave, then ask for an attorney again. Do this for as long as is needed.