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Man arrested after allegedly assaulting two people with a knife

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Assault And Battery |

A man in Florida has been arrested after reportedly assaulting two people at an apartment complex. According to the victims, the couple found the accused individual waiting in their apartment with a knife. He is said to have walked up to them and made stabbing motions with the knife. When the woman jumped out of the way, the individual allegedly stabbed her male companion.

The accused man is said to have grabbed the woman and threw her on the couch where he punched her multiple times in the face. He reportedly forced her into the bedroom, placed his hand around her neck and then told her that he would kill them both. Afterward, he ran from the apartment.

When the man left the apartment, the victims called the police. The authorities found the man with a stab wound and other minor injuries. He told police that he didn’t want to press charges and was taken to a nearby hospital. The woman was also found with minor injuries. She told police what had happened and gave them a description of the suspect.

Later, the police located and arrested a man who reportedly matched the woman’s description. He was charged with assault and battery, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

What should an individual do if they’ve been accused of assault?

Being charged with assault can threaten an individual’s life and career. By working with an attorney, an individual might be able to protect their reputation and resume their life as soon as possible.

An attorney might be able to win their client’s case by proving that there was no criminal intent. In order for an individual to be convicted, the prosecution must prove that they were making a serious threat. In cases of battery, an attorney may work to help their client prove that they were acting in self-defense or had the other person’s consent.