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A Florida couple was arrested and charged with drug offenses

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Drug Violations |

A couple in Florida has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses after police conducted a raid on their home. Local police officers had received multiple complaints about the individuals, with neighbors claiming that they were dealing drugs out of their home. Police obtained a search warrant and searched the house, where they found large quantities of drugs, cash and firearms.

During their search, the officers uncovered quantities of marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, prescription drugs, a firearm and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. The drugs that they found were worth hundreds of dollars on the street. The couple was arrested and later received drug offenses including possession of illegal drugs, possessing prescription drugs without a prescription and trafficking drugs throughout the state. The male also received one charge of possessing a firearm despite being a convicted felon.

In addition to the drugs, the police also seized four vehicles from the house. The couple’s children were taken away by the Department of Children and Families. The authorities claim that both people were unemployed and selling illegal drugs was their main source of income.

What should an individual do after receiving drug charges?

Drug charges can include possessing illegal drugs, possessing prescription drugs without a prescription, manufacturing drugs at home, trafficking drugs, selling drugs and using drug paraphernalia. If an individual is charged with any of these offenses, they might be facing large fines and months or years of prison time. They might also lose their job and have their children taken away and placed into state custody.

After receiving these charges, an individual might wish to speak with an attorney. Their attorney might be able to help them protect their rights and present a strong case to the judge. The attorney might also be able to negotiate for reduced penalties.