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Florida man charged in connection with fatal DUI crash

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Dui |

A Florida man was taken into custody on May 20 in connection with a January drunk driving crash. The man’s female passenger was seriously injured when the man lost control of his Nissan sedan and struck a semi-tractor trailer and light pole on New Year’s Day. She succumbed to her injuries about three weeks later at the Holmes Regional Medical Center.

Police investigate fatal accident

Accident investigators from the Florida Highway Patrol examined an electronic data recorder to determine what transpired in the moments leading up to the deadly accident. Information retrieved from the device is said to have revealed that the man’s car reached speeds of up to 111 mph shortly before striking the semi-tractor trailer and was moving at 103 mph when it struck the light pole. Witnesses told FHP troopers that the man was also driving recklessly. The accident took place on Interstate 95 near Palm Shores shortly after noon.

Prosecutors charge suspected drunk driver with multiple felony counts

The man entered not guilty pleas to charges of driving under the influence, vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter, DUI causing serious injury, DUI causing property damage, driving with a suspended driver’s license and reckless driving during a May 21 arraignment hearing. He is being held without bond at the Brevard County Jail. The 23-year-old Avon park resident faces decades behind bars if he is convicted. The DUI manslaughter charge alone carries a possible custodial sentence of 15 years.

Pursuing a plea agreement could be wise in certain situations

Experienced criminal defense attorneys may argue in court when their clients maintain their innocence or prosecutors initiate criminal cases with less than compelling evidence, but attorneys might recommend seeking a negotiated settlement in some situations. Pleading guilty in return for a less severe sentence may be wise if the facts of the case are likely to inflame a jury. If you are charged with DUI after being involved in an accident that caused death or catastrophic injury and the toxicology, forensic and eyewitness evidence against you is convincing, and attorney may recommend entering into a plea agreement.