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Florida mother, son facing charges for drug violations

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Drug Violations |

When people suspect that criminal activity is taking place, they may feel the need to contact the authorities. In some cases, these tips can lead to the arrests of other individuals for drug violations. If this happens, those arrested could face a difficult road ahead as they work to handle the allegations.

It was recently reported that a teenager and his mother were taken into custody in Florida for drug-related activity. Authorities went to the individuals’ residence after receiving tips about possible drug activity at the home. Both the 16-year-old and his mother were on probation for previous violations, and officers conducted a juvenile probation check. During the search, they reportedly found marijuana, pills, drug paraphernalia and over $4,000 in cash.

The teen allegedly stated that the drugs belonged to him and that he distributed them. The mother and the teen purportedly said that the mother hid the substances when authorities arrived. The teen was taken into custody on drug possession and possession with intent to sell charges as well as probation violation. The mother was charged with drug possession, causing a child to commit an act of delinquency, tampering with evidence and probation violation.

Charges for drug violations and other allegations can have lasting impacts on anyone. It is important that this Florida mother and son understand their options for effectively addressing the charges they face. It can certainly be difficult to have to handle such an ordeal, but it may be helpful for them to remember that they have legal rights and options.