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Criminal defense needed after arrest for theft

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

It is common for people to think they have a good idea when they really do not. Unfortunately, some people may follow through with a less-than-stellar idea and end up facing accusations and possible criminal charges. If a person is taken into custody for theft, a good idea would be to start building a criminal defense.

One man in Florida will undoubtedly want to take this idea to heart after recently being arrested. According to reports, the man went to a Walmart and opened a case in the electronics section. He then allegedly placed electronics into an empty toy box. He reportedly paid the amount the toy would have cost and attempted to leave the store. However, he was stopped by an employee.

Authorities took the man into custody and believe that he has committed this same act at other Walmart locations. A similar technique was purportedly used in other incidents, and as a result, authorities are investigating further to determine whether the man may have a connection. In relation to this latest arrest, the man was charged with grand theft and possession or use of a shoplifting device.

Some people may not have the means to buy certain products or think that they could sell products in order to obtain money and take them without paying. However, as this Florida case shows, this line of thinking could lead to serious criminal charges. Nonetheless, anyone in this type of predicament is innocent until — and only if — proven guilty in court, so it is wise to consider options for creating and presenting a criminal defense in hopes of working toward a favorable outcome.