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March 2020 Archives

Altercation between man, woman leads to domestic battery charge

During or after an altercation, it is not uncommon for someone to call the police. In some cases, if a physical altercation resulted in fear or injuries to another party, it is possible for criminal charges for assault or battery to result. If the incident occurred at a home, between a couple or between relatives, it is possible for domestic violence charges to come about.

Woman arrested for drug violations in Florida

Traffic stops are a daily occurrence on most roadways. Officers can stop vehicles for various reasons, and while some of those stops could end with a warning or a ticket for speeding, some could have more serious outcomes. For example, if an officer suspects that there are controlled substances in a vehicle, charges for drug violations could occur.

Woman charged with DUI, loses job as result

When a person is accused of drinking and driving, he or she has a lot on the line. A DUI charge can have legal and personal effects that could greatly affect a person's life. For example, even before a conviction, an individual could lose his or her job if charged with this type of illegal activity.

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