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Man charged with assault after driving into crowd

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Assault And Battery |

It can be difficult to know why people carry out certain actions. Information can differ from source to source, and often, only those who were directly involved can know what happened. Of course, even then the details can differ. As a result, it is typically vital for an individual accused of assault or another violent crime to provide his or her side of the situation.

One man in Florida may be hoping to provide his account after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the 27-year-old man was driving a vehicle and reportedly drove into a crowd. The crowd had gathered in the parking lot of a shopping center where a voter registration tent had been set up. Witnesses believed that the man intentionally targeted the group.

The man allegedly made obscene gestures toward the group and drove away after the incident. No injuries were reported. It was unclear how authorities located the man after he left the scene, but nonetheless, he was taken into custody and is currently facing criminal charges for aggravated assault of a person 65 or older, driving on a suspended license, and criminal mischief. The report noted that the judge had set his bond at $500,000.

Facing assault charges and other allegations can have a significant effect on this Florida man’s life. Though there is speculation surrounding why the incident occurred, he will have the opportunity to give his side during his criminal defense presentation, if he wishes to create one. Going over his available defense options may help him find the best way to present this information.