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November 2019 Archives

People convicted of meth possession face serious consequences

Florida has a number of drug laws on the books. While some of these statutes allow for the legal use of some narcotics, such as prescribed pain medications, most of them prohibit the manufacturing, distribution, possession, and use of illegal drugs.

Driver's license suspensions related to DUIs

When people drive in Florida, they agree to follow all the traffic laws. If they do not do so, then they could receive tickets, pay fines, and, for some violations, spend time in jail. One of these laws, of course, disallows individuals from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If an individual is charged with DUI and are ultimately convicted, then they could face the consequences mentioned above, including mandatory jail time depending on the circumstances and whether they have any prior DUIs.

3 things that can create a false positive for breathalyzers

After a long night out with friends, driving home becomes the next imperative. You wait to sober up before you hit the road, but all the same a cop car flashes its lights and you pull over. Now while you probably didn’t expect this DUI stop, you probably know something about what’s coming next. There will be sobriety tests, notably a breathalyzer. No matter how few drinks one’s had, blowing into the mouthpiece is always a moment of dreaded anticipation.

When self-defense is a valid defense to assault charges

There are, unfortunately, people in Florida who resort to violence to solve their differences. There are others who use violence as a way to rob others or intimidate them for other reasons. Generally, when people do use violence against others, they could be charged with assault and battery. Being charged with assault and battery means that people could be facing serious consequences.

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