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Certain people charged with drug crimes could avoid convictions

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Drug Violations |

People in Florida start using drugs for a variety of reasons. It could be to deal with pain, as a way to relax or escape a certain situation. However, while people may never expect that they will become addicted, drugs can be highly addictive, and people can be hooked. If that occurs, it can become very difficult to quit and the addiction can lead to many problems in their life including criminal charges for possession of drugs

People who are charged with drug possession could face severe consequences, including fines and jail time, but certain people may be able to avoid a conviction through the drug offender program. This program is for people who are deemed chronic substance abusers who committed certain non-violent felony drug offenses and do not have too many prior offenses. If people qualify, the court can withhold adjudication of guilt and allow the person to avoid a conviction if they complete the drug offender program.

This program is not easy though. There is intensive supervision while people are on probation including surveillance and random drug testing. It also includes drug treatment programs depending on the severity of the drug use. If people do have violations of the program they can be revoked and would then be convicted for the crime. So, the program can provide a way to avoid a conviction, but people do need to be willing to complete all requirements

People in Florida who are convicted of drug violations could face jail time and other penalties if they are convicted of the crimes. However, there is a program available that allows certain people charged with drug crimes to avoid convictions. People must complete intensive probation though in order to avoid the conviction. Experienced attorneys understand the program and the requirements and consulting with one may be beneficial.