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Issues with facial recognition software

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Facial recognition software has become increasingly popular. It can be used to unlock your phone, see who is at the door and help law enforcement identify criminals. But, there are issues with the software.

People have come forward with concerns regarding privacy issues and the likelihood of misidentification.

Privacy issues

  • Many people do not think that government agencies have the right to perform facial screenings. Citizens are concerned that this software violates their civil liberties.
  • Amazon recently released information that its facial recognition software can now detect emotion. This furthers concern as people worry they may be treated differently based on perceived emotion.
  • There is also concern that the software will allow companies to study customer’s emotions for marketing purposes.

Misidentification issues

An even more frightening issue regarding facial recognition software is the likelihood of misidentification.

The American Civil Liberties Union tested facial recognition software on California legislators. The test resulted in the misidentification of 1 in 5 legislators. These strikingly inaccurate results may be cause for concern.

Some law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition software. This software can run face scans on people to see if they have a criminal conviction.

The Orlando Police Department began using facial recognition software last year. Recently, public concern caused the department to stop using the software.

Where do the legislators stand?

Due to the likelihood of misidentification, many legislators do not believe the software should be used by police departments or other agencies.

Some legislators believe that the software will be helpful eventually. Hopefully, the software will be much more accurate before then.