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Florida felony drug crimes: a complex and uncompromising realm

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Drug Violations |

Commentators on marijuana-linked topics frequently like to point out what they regard as a strongly growing trend of pro-pot sentiment across the country. And, indeed, some liberality in marijuana laws is on display. A number of states have legalized the use of recreational pot.

Florida is not one of them. Although the state does allow for the use of medical marijuana (subject to a detailed statutory scheme and multiple eligibility criteria), it has not followed the lead of other states by adopting a decriminalization scheme relevant to arguably lower-level criminal infractions.

In fact, state law enforcers and prosecutors continue to take an unforgiving and notably exacting approach toward drug crimes in general, including marijuana-tied activity. We duly note that on our website at the proven criminal defense Law Offices of Justin Rickman in Clermont. We stress therein that an individual’s involvement with any controlled or illegal substance in Florida can lead to “harsh fines, lengthy probation or possibly mandatory prison time.” Those outcomes loom especially large for defendants facing felony drug charges.

It is flatly important for any Florida resident confronting the state’s formidable clout and resolve in a drug crime matter to timely secure aggressive and proactive help from an experienced legal defense team. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is bedrock law in the United States. Seasoned legal advocates use it a guidepost to make police officers and prosecutors firmly establish the burden of proof they must satisfy to secure a criminal conviction.

Felony drug charges in Florida comprise a wide universe, with subject matter ranging from drug possession and manufacturing to drug trafficking, racketeering, possession of illegal paraphernalia and more.

Questions regarding any of those matters or additional concerns can be directed to an experienced defense team that unstintingly focuses on optimal outcomes in all its client representation.