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Navigating Child Custody After You've Suffered From Domestic Violence

​Almost a quarter of women in the US will be subjected to domestic violence in their lifetime. Leaving a spouse who has abused you can be incredibly difficult, and navigating the subsequent divorce can be even more difficult. The stress and trauma involved will be further increased if you have children and need to negotiate child custody as well.

Charged With Possession With Intent to Distribute? What It Means

Possession with the intent to distribute is a specific criminal charge aimed at individuals who are alleged to be selling drugs. This criminal offense, which is almost always a felony in all jurisdictions, carries more severe penalties than mere possession of an illegal substance.


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Overcharging: Understand What It Is and What It Means for Your Defense

​All too often, prosecutors will purposefully "overcharge" a case, choosing the harsher option when the lesser charge is more appropriate. Learn why they do it and what it means for your defense.

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